777 Slots

RTG – three of the most familiar letters to many casino slot players online today. You probably also know this outfit as Realtime Gaming. They are the creators of the top title 777.

777 is about as basic a title as you can get for a slot game. However, while it suggests (correctly) that this is a three-reel slot, you might still feel surprised when you see what it holds in store for you.

One payline… and one progressive jackpot

Yes, you read that correctly – this three-reel slot game has something that many other similar games do not. It has a progressive jackpot.

It is displayed above the three large reels shown on the game screen, so you can always check out the current amount up for grabs. Most players won’t get close to winning it, but it’s nice to see it there.

Playing cards and gold coins lead the way to the jackpot

They do, and you need three of those on the payline to get it. The cards are green and white with a diamond design on the back of each one. There are stacks of gold coins in front of the cards too, so it’s an eye-catching symbol to hunt down.

Any one or two card and coin icons earn a prize too

The easiest way to collect a prize is to find just one of these icons on the line. This would return 2x your bet for the spin, so it’s one thing to look forward to and watch for as you play.

Two of them award 10x your bet, but we hope you’ll be the next fortunate player to get three on the line for the progressive reward.

No wilds or scatters, but there is a hold feature

Wilds sometimes crop up in these three-reel games but not this time. Scatters are rare and don’t appear in the 777 slot game.

One thing you will see is a hold feature reminiscent of the classic one-armed bandit game. If you like the outcome of a spin – maybe you see two identical symbols and want to find a third to match to get a prize – you could use the hold feature.

Holding a reel does involve an extra bet though, so it may not be worth doing this. We’d play it as a standard slot machine and not use the hold options, but at least you get the choice if you want it.

The 777 slot game offers a modern take on a classic three-reel game. With that jackpot to go for as well, could this be your new favorite game?