Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes Slots
Real Time Gaming is getting more and more adventurous with the different types of slots they produce, and Frog Fortunes slots fall into this category. With five reels and winning ways, players can enjoy exploding symbols and a frog bomb that counts down during spins. Birds, snakes, turtles, colored gems, and different colored frogs fill the screen of this five-reel game that can be played in the fun practice online or mobile format before placing real money bets.

Online and Mobile Access with Multiple Betting Options

Online players have instant and direct access through the web browser of their chosen casino to find Frog Fortunes Slots, or the player can download the casino and game. Mobile players are given instant access using touch controls, via the web browser of their device, or by downloading directly the casino app for their casino. Players have the option to place up to two coins per spin and use a wide selection of coin sizes starting with $0.01 and reaching as high as $75, giving players a total possible bet of $150. An autoplay option lets the player preset the number of spins the game runs, and at any time, this can be stopped, and the player reverts to manually hitting the spin button.

Exploding Symbols Trigger Cascading Symbols

The game's layout is in the shape of a hexagon, and at the side of the screen, a bomb counts down. The bomb explodes and causes one of eight different blast patterns causing symbols to cascade gracefully out of the way , making room for new symbols to take their place. At the same time, this gives the player extra winning options and creates winning cascades. With the regular payouts offered for lining up three and more of the same symbol in any direction, players win generous payout when playing Frog Fortunes Slots.